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\"All this.\" Says Alla Wolf Tasker of her award winning retreat hotel, \"Is to support this\" and \"This\" is her restaurant, the foundation stone the place was built on and is still its heartbeat. In this case, the chicken (maybe roast leg in pancetta, breast and ballontine with foie gras) definetly came before the egg (cooked at 63 degrees and served with an inventive preperation of seasonal local wild mushrooms). You see.

The Lake House is a first-principles kind of place where things are done the way it used to be, before portion controlled this and Cryovaced that. And that applies as much to the wait staff and the wine as it does the food: there\'s a pleasing sense of young people keen to do things thoroughly here. A classic restaurant, with exceptional standards and attention to detail, yet one that is remarkably in touch with contemporary culinary thinking. Hotter, in fact, then ever.

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