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When Alla Wolf Taker built her house of dreams in the Daylesford dirt in 1984, she was either completely bonkers or a complete visionary. A quarter of a century later, with regionality the most fashionable word in the foodie firmament - closely followed by seasonality - the jury is in. When all around us restaurants are clamoring to promote their ties with small caring, artisanal producers, and its good to remember: Alla did it first.

Why? Because chefs Alla Wolf Tasker and David Green understand that for haute Cuisine you need haute ingredients, and that\'s when you marry technical accomplishments to an understanding on the essence of flavour, you\'ve got yourself one helluva plate of food. And it all unfold in a lovely dining room, where you want for nothing (she pioneered great service in the bush too) in an idyllic lakeside setting.

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