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What\'s it like to run a luxury hotel? We meet three women, who are immersed in a world of room service, 500-thread count sheets and the fancy whims of demanding guests.

Larissa Wolf-Tasker
Brand Manager, The Lake House, Daylesford, Victoria

Larissa Wolf-Tasker was born into the hospitality industry. Her parents - mother Alia and father Allan -bought a parcel of land on Lake Daylesford in 1979 and set about building Alla\'s dream. \"She wanted a restaurant \'worthy of a journey\' and much like what she had experienced throughout the French countryside,\" says Larissa. \"By the time I was born in 1980 they had just begun to bring in the topsoil to replant the completely vacant block. Every tree, shrub and flower that you now see on the lush property was introduced. The property grew from a restaurant to a hotel in a fairly organic manner. \"As a child I grew alongside it - I was always surrounded by chefs and producers, dishwashers and gardeners. And I think probably hospitality was in my blood from the beginning. \"Larissa says that she tried to reject it. “I almost went to uni to become a marine biologist settling instead for a degree which allowed me to explore my love of the arts in Melbourne and New York, discovering marketing and branding identity along the way and then finally settling back in Daylesford in 2000 and back into the family business.”


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