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Australia\'s Best Regional Hotel

It has taken more than 30 years of tireless enthusiasm and meticulous attention, but Alla and Allan Wolf-Tasker have created a remarkable property that sets the standard for regional hotels in Australia. Take a beautiful setting, add sumptuous accommodation, a restaurant so good it’s a destination dining spot, a decadent spa and the sort of calm, considerate service that makes every guest feel special, and you have Lake House.

Leaving Lake House can be a bittersweet experience. Set beside a picturesque lake scattered with ducks, on 2 ½ hectares of dappled gardens, there’s a sense of peace here that slows time, relaxes shoulders and makes re-entering the real world something of a wrench. There’s serenity in the beautifully appointed rooms, too; these are generous , light filled spaces of textured autumnal colours, comfortable couches and thoughtful touches such as locally sourced merino throws ( ideal for afternoon napping). The Retreat, a private country house on the property with its own outdoor spa and fire pit, offers the ultimate in rural seclusion. Butler service is available for those who want to live the dream. With the much lauded Lake House Restaurant – its terrace is perfect for watching sunsets while sipping aperitivi – a day spa that includes private treetop abodes, and a guest lounge with billiard table and open fireplace, you might start plotting ways to stay here permanently. Charming staff, unobtrusive but present when you need them, do their best to help unwind even the most tightly wound.

Don’t Miss: Dinner at the Lake House restaurant, a regional landmark that changed attitudes about the calibre of country dining. The local, seasonal menu is sophisticated without being too tricky; a superb wine list mixes great local labels with the best stuff from around the world.

Drink Up: A predinner drink on the terrace is a must and the aperitivo list is very good. The Telefonino is a sweet bitter mix of Rabarbaro ( an Italian, rhubarb based liqueur), Punt e Mes, Campari, lemon & tonic water.

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