Forager\'s Feast. Already famed for its two-hatted restaurant and luxe accommodation, Lake House is fast becoming know for its cooking school where the focus is on foraging and local produce.

YOU\'LL NEED TO WAKE UP WITH THE ROOSTERS if you want to join Alla Wolf-Tasker when she goes foraging in preparation for the cooking classes at her legendary Lake House restaurant, spa and hotel in Daylesford, Victoria. After 30 years of living and breathing this beautiful region where rolling farmland meets lush forest and natural springs abound, this savvy chef knows where to find all manner of wild herbs, including lemon balm, geranium and dandelion, plants and flowers that she uses to add flavour and flourish to her dishes.

Alla, who has been running occasional seasonal cooking classes at the Lake House for the last four years, officially started the school in May this year.

\"It brings me enormous pleasure to see people wanting to reconnect with food and to learn about it,\" says Alla. \"It\'s wonderful to see a merchant banker and a qualified chef exclaiming over just-picked tomatoes or the mastering of some tricky technique.\" Alla is passionate about promoting small-scale regional producers, often using local award-winning produce including Tuki Springs trout, Holy Goat cheese and Angelica Organic garlic. Many of the producers make guest appearances at the school to share their specialised crafts.

At the end of each class, students congregate at a communal table set in front of an open fire in winter or on the outdoor terrace overlooking the lake to share the fruits of their labour over a glass of wine and to learn more from Alla. “My mother never went out walking here without a basket and she always came back with wonderful rare varieties of fruit, nettles, dandelions and fennel, and the many wild herbs that she knew of,\" says Alla. \"I bring this to my cooking classes, because I love the connection that cooking offers.”

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