The Australian Hot 50

The Hot 50 Restaurants in Australia.

Long before the current crop of chefs were but an itch in their tattooist\'s ink finger, there was Alla Wolf-Tasker tramping through the Daylesford hills, her basket filled with the found bounty of the land. Yes, everything old is new again, and Wolf-Tasker - a true champion of ethical, sustainable, local and seasonal - has been doing the foraging thing as a matter of principle for more than three decades. It\'s the rest who have finally caught up.
Lake House remains the quintessential country manor where a long lunch - or a longer dinner for those staying over - is a celebratory affair, where staff share their enthusiasm for the good life that comes with breathing clean country air. The generosity plays out in food that\'s refined but not fussy, where best-in-season shines bright. Wolf-Tasker is committed to constant culinary refinement, abreast of but not rusted on to modern developments. The result is Euro-accented food that has never been better. Roasted chestnuts and meaty mushrooms snuggle with a sticky confit duck egg yolk for a vision of Winter as delightful as the mist-shrouded lake; a smoke-filled cloche reveals a truffle-buttered quail breast for a touch of modern theatricality, while a patch of sweet baby brassicas top a buttery pecorino tart of quiet achievement 
Service staff can be benchmarked against the country\'s best.

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