Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide

The seasons have always been keenly felt at Lake House, but presently there\'s greater change afoot, with a fresh aperitivo bar, lake-view deck and private dining room breathing new life into this grand old dame.

There\'s a revised vitality to the menu, too, with globetrotting ingredients (umeboshi, jalapeno, kimchi) popping up in dishes that are grounded in European technique. The menu is still as fiercely parochial as ever, showcasing the best of Daylesford in a shared entrée of smoked Murray River cod, poached yabbies, eel rillettes and pristine trout tartare. A main course of local chicken — breast poached in buttermilk, wing confited and leg ballotine wrapped in pancetta — is an assured balance of comforting and contemporary. Finish with a \"summer ramble\" of pistachio sponge, blackberries, honey panna cotta and chocolate bark, inspired by the ingredients and textures you\'ll find during a stroll around the lake.

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