Good Food Guide 2018

Two Hats 17.5 out of 20

Regional dining pioneer is a masterclass in how to do it right.

Make sure to arrive early for your meal here - the Lake House experience wouldn't be complete without an aperitivo on the terrace overlooking the lake. It's the perfect drumroll to food that paints a portrait of the region with quality ingredients and precise cooking, something owner chef/legend Alla Wolf-Tasker has been doing for more than 30 years. Wild rabbit might arrive three ways - pancetta-wrapped ballotine, mousse and rillettes - while free-range duck glistens under a glaze made from local medlars. Assured service ensures the hits keep coming with precision timing - maybe it'll be chestnut pasta with wild mushrooms and confit duck yolk or a pretty 'summer ramble' dessert that highlights the beauty of fresh-picked berries - while the 40- plus page drinks list embraces local wine and beer, benchmarking them against great producers from the old and new worlds. Add a comfortable and meticulously maintained dining room and it all adds up to a dining experience perfectly attuned to place and escape.

Commit to giving the wine list a nudge and stay the night in Lake House's luxurious accommodation.

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