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“After three decades I now often brag that we can almost refer to our back yard as ‘the farm ‘” Alla Wolf Tasker

Today a burgeoning group of local artisan food producers and wine growers inhabit our back yard - and supply us with an amazing variety of pristine produce farmed sustainably and with great passion.

It's a far cry from the lonely bag of potatoes delivered to the kitchen door in 1984, in response to an advertisement for local produce. We work with many local suppliers and have an open kitchen door policy for folk who bring in windfalls from their own gardens. Foragers supply us with forest mushrooms in Autumn and morels in Spring as well as an increasing variety of wild herbs. Roy our octogenarian "orchardist" has licence to forage amongst many old forgotten plantings of fruit trees and is a great source of heirloom varieties.

When time permits we forage ourselves. There is nothing like quite like a rich ruby red jelly produced from wild damson plums one has picked oneself. The 6 acres of Lake House gardens also provide salad greens, herbs, quinces, apples, plums, medlars and rarer items like luma berries.

Amongst our many wonderful local suppliers a very special relationship has been forged with Florian Hoffinger of Mt Franklin Organics. Florian is an ex chef who understands the kitchen's needs very well. His farm is fortunately situated within its own microclimate running up to 3 degrees warmer than many of the other local farms. We benefit from his extended growing season with tomatoes often available as late as August. Florian also works with Alla and the kitchen team in providing interesting produce specially planted for Lake House. Black and watermelon radishes, amaranth, red mizuna were part of this summer's planting. The property is completely solar powered. Florian has no cold storage facilities. The produce is picked and delivered on the same day. You can't have any fresher than that....

There are many more stories similar to that of Florian's. Our back yard nowadays has truly become "the farm".

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