For men and women.

Elemis Relaxation Facial 60 min $150

The perfect facial to lift moisture levels and restore the balance of
your skin including:
• Facial cleansing
• Relaxing massage of the face, chest & neck
• Specialty mask to boost hydration, rebalance or purify the skin
• Soothing scalp massage
• Day moisturiser

Elemis Premium Facials 60 min $175 or 75 min $190

Our therapists will tailor make your facial to suit your individual
needs. Personalised treatments respond to the ever-evolving rhythm
of life and the ever-changing nature of your skin. Elemis Premium
Facials are designed to achieve maximum results and support great
skin health.

Every ingredient used in our Elemis Professional Products have
medical grade actives of real therapeutic benefit. They don’t just feel
great on the skin. They are formulated to provide significant, clinically
proven results.

Issues that are addressed during your consultation include:
• Signs of aging
• Wrinkles
• Loss of skin firmness
• Pigmentation issues
• Acne & scarred skin
• Dry skin
• Dull/lacklustre sk