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Exotic Milk Bath Ritual 45 min $150 (Single use only)

One of our Salus Spa Therapists will guide you through how to use & enjoy the Elemis Spa Products, they will then leave you to enjoy your luxurious Private Exotic Milk Bath. Start with a smoothing body scrub to gently sweep away impurities, and then immerse yourself into the deep tub where you are provided with an Elemis Facial Mask to apply at your leisure. After you have soaked yourself into a state of bliss you are then provided with a beautifully rich body cream to apply.

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Private Treetop Spa 30 min $105 each (Single use only)

Set in a magical location, private circular spa tubs sit in secluded tree top cabins and look out through the waterfront willow trees. 100% pure Daylesford mineral water is used.

Not recommended during pregnancy.

Salus Signature Bliss 90 min $225

Utilising the seasonal fragrances found throughout the Wombat State Forest and the local countryside, this body treatment combines soothing rhythmic strokes using hot volcanic rocks and warm oil to reduce tension and ease muscle aches. The body is then polished with Lime & Ginger salts to remove rough skin. Whilst you are all wrapped up, a soothing face and scalp massage completes this nourishing experience. Finish off with a Hydrostorm experience where steam assists the absorption of essential oils whilst Vichy jets and Waterfall showers rinse away the salt, exposing beautiful soft skin - fresh, nourished and rejuvenated.

Please contact Lake House for more information on +61 3 5348 3329 or Packages displayed are non-commissionable and subject to availability.
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